Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cook'n With Class Boutique

We are pleased to announce a new addition to our Boutique – The Cook’n With Class professional Knife set.

Used in all our cooking classes, the set is composed of a 20cm Demi-Chef knife and 10cm Paring knife, you can take them home to continue cooking like a grand Chef or offer them as a gift!

We chose K SABATIER as they are one of the most reputable French knife manufacturers for quality, endurance and hygiene.

Some information about the knives:

“K SABATIER" knives are 100% forged stainless steel knives and are all hand-made by artisans in FRANCE. 100% forged means that the knife is made entirely from one piece of metal/ No joints, welds or sintering means that no food can get trapped and every knife is very hygienic. Each K SABATIER knife is truly 100% French- from the metal through the manufacturing process.

Many world renowned chefs' very first knife was a K SABATIER knife; including Chef Eric Fraudeau head of Cook’n With Class.

We are proud to work with a family owned business with a truly genuine product and we hope that you will enjoy many cooking hours with them too!

If you would like to purchase a set please don’t hesitate to contact us:


or drop by our boutique at the school where they are on sale.

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