Thursday, June 9, 2011

An adventure in Molecular Gastronomy

Siphons and syringes to the ready and a large dose of imagination Chef Alex and his avid students carried out a fun Molecular Gastronomy Class using fresh market ingredients. 
We created an elaborate menu to cover techniques such as Spherification [controlled jellification of a liquid which forms spheres when submerged in a bath] and gelification to make all sorts of gelified shapes and we created foams and emulsions.

And the results? Well after getting familiar with handling the siphon and managing the precision of ingredients the following menu was tested and approved:

Aperitif: Mojito Espuma
 Tomato Water Consommé with Cucumber Gelée
Poached Quail Eggs with Parmesan Foam
Carrot flavored Ravioli filled the fresh pea puree served with Orange Caviar
Pistachio Chocolate Microwave Cake
Chocolate Mousse with fresh Mint Caviar

For a taster here is the Pistachio Chocolate Cake Recipe, which was made at light speed:

80 grams Sugar
80 grams Pistachios
20 grams flour
4 Eggs
100 grams Chocolate
5 - 2.5 inch ramekins
1 Siphon, Gas cartridge

In a food processor, add the sugar, flour and the pistachios and blend until even. Add the eggs and blend until smooth. Add this to the Siphon and charge it with one cartridge. Add a few pieces of chocolate to the bottom of the ramekins. Foam in the batter into the ramekins about half way up. Microwave them for 30 seconds, then flip on the plate and serve immediately.

The Adria brothers may have closed their famous molecular restaurant El Bulli but you can still buy your chemicals on-line:

and take a class with Cook’n With Class to get you up and running!!

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