Friday, June 3, 2011

Mastering French Cheese & Wine

Cook’n With Class - Wednesday ‘s - Cheese & Wine Master Class

Life is endless tasting experience when living in France! There’s so much to learn about French Cheese and Wine. With 400 varieties of cheese and thousands of wineries it can be daunting (yet fun) trying to explore it all.
However most people know what they like and in the Cheese and Wine Master Class we guide you to understand better the tastes and the flavors you like and "bien sur" discover new ones.

Perhaps you’ve always liked Burgundy wine but didn’t know the grape or you are always drawn to Chardonnay white wines but don’t know the region? 

What about cheese? – not sure if goat cheese is your favorite or perhaps a Roquefort is more to your taste? The amazing part is when pairing the Cheese and Wine noticing and understanding why these flavors combine to delight your palate. The French concept “terroir” is fascinating and in the Cheese & Wine Class we dig in and explore the finest that French culture has to offer while enjoying delicious produce from our sommelier and Chef.

This Wednesday we tasted one champagne, 2 white wines, 2 red wines and a fortified red wine with accompanying cheeses.

The Cheese List

- Sainte-Maure de Touraine
- Crottin de Chavignol
- Gratte Paille
-  Mimolette/Boule de Lille (mi-mou)
-  Roquefort + Roquefort/Gingerbread

The Wine List

- Champagne Demilly De Baere, Brut
- Domaine de Blanes 2010, Muscat Sec
- Château Coutinel 2006, AOC Fronton
- Château Taffard 2003, Médoc Cru Bourgeois
- Domaine du Mas Rouge 2008, AOC Muscat de Rivesalte
- Banyuls

"Tchin, tchin" :)

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